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Plant-science + Artistry come together to give you hair products that will make you wonder why you ever used conventional beauty formulas.

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Modern Beauty Meets Ancient Wisdom

Find out what makes our products different from the rest.

Multi-purpose products made for smart styling

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Meet the Foundress

How 14 years of hairdressing and a journey to natural healing came together to create a brand inspired by health, beauty and a passion for helping others.

A few of the ingredients that make our products special

Beyond Organic

When it comes to sourcing ingredients, few have standards as high as ours. Find out what our criteria is for sourcing and how we support small farms using sustainable, organic practices.


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Does Baking Soda Shampoo Really Work?


Learn about the power of plants and how they make the hair and skin beautiful.

Why we love Saint Hil

Find out why we love Saint Hil, and how she shapes and inspires our mission.

All living creatures are sparks

-Hildegard | 1098-1179

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