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USDA ORGANIC Whipped Cocoa Peppermint Body Butter

USDA ORGANIC Whipped Cocoa Peppermint Body Butter


Fluffy, frosting-like whipped body butter for intense skin protection and softness. This rich, healing butter is made with a high percentage of fairtrade organic cocoa butter, combined with a steam distilled peppermint essential oil, all while balanced with other plant oils that reduce greasiness and increase absorption. Sinks into the skin almost immediately and lasts for hours.

A customer favorite for gift giving!


*Sunflower Seed Oil; *Fairtrade Cocoa Butter; *Tapioca Starch; *Fairtrade Shea Butter; *Coconut Oil; *Peppermint Oil; *Vanilla Bean Extract; *Rosemary Leaf Extract.  

*Certified Organic Ingredient 

--All oils are steam distilled or cold pressed and always unrefined.  


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